Li-Ion Standard Batteries


Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are amongst the most efficient batteries and SubCtech even optimized them for the use in marine and offshore technology. They provide highest capacity by being lightweights and having small volume. Typical voltages are 14.4V up to 52V, and capacities up to 4kWh. SubCtech delivers PowerPacks™ battery-packs in end housings for the use in up to 6000m depths.

The SmartCharger™ charges the batteries fast, easily and safely aboard a ship. The batteries are charged inbuilt and without being opened.

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Subsea Batteries



SubCtech designs and manufactures safe, reliable and high-performance Lithium-Ion batteries (PowerPacks ™) for subsea applications. With a design-life of up to 30 years, and a service-life of min. 10 years, demanding solutions for e.g. „All-Electric“ are offered.

Storage batteries, subsea UPS or vehicle batteries are produced between 24V to 400V, 1kWh to 100kWh with power up to 50kW. Our certified development and production supply subsystems according to IEC 61508 SIL2 for SIL3 systems.

The batteries are tested according to ISO 13628-6 / API17f (shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, EMC – Q and Q2).

The name of our product innovation: gosubsea 3000®


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AUV Batteries



High capacity, -safe and reliable underwater Li-Ion rechargeable batteries (PowerPacks™) have proven themselves as fit offshore power supply systems on many occasions. This type of Li-Ion cells is used in aircrafts, space vehicles as well as naval applications. The world-leading manufacturer of Li-Ion batteries approved of us to produce large powerpacks. Typical voltages are 48V up to 400V, and capacities up to 100kWh for single batteries.

The sophisticated battery management system (BMS) guarantees highest performance without any risks, allowing the use of high-power and high-capacity Li-Ion systems in offshore and other rough environments. The SmartBMS™ observes the battery and delivers compatible data to the superior AUV system in a simple NMEA-0183 ASCII data protocol or MODBUS RTU – other on request.

The PowerCharger™ charges fast or slowly up to e.g. 15kW. Easy usage and diagnosis is provided by simple touchscreen control.

The batteries are tested according to MIL-STD, GL and ISO 13628-6 / API17f (shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, EMC).

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OEM Batteries for system integration



All batteries can be customized on demand by adapting the capacity, current, voltage, size and housing. However, we also offer a range of standard batteries, which are flexible and suitable for many applications.

SubCtech developed its own battery-management-system (BMS) to observe the Li-Ion PowerPacks™ conformable to the requirements of science or the offshore industry. SmartBMS™ is developed using the latest technologies. Therefore, it is suitable for long-term usage under extreme conditions. The SmartBMS™ provides a data interface to monitor e.g. the state of charge (SOC), current or voltage by external devices.

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SubCtech offers complete solutions. The user has the opportunity to purchase whole packages including accessories. We are happy to consult you in what extras you require and how to convert the accessories.

• One-shop solution
• All components fit and were tested before shipping
• Easy and cost efficient ordering and service process
• Less vendor partners leave more room for important tasks

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