Subsea data logger

SubCtech provides all kinds of measurements with the NetDI® or MicroDI® data logger. Different types are available: Subsea data logger, On-board Deck-units or OceanView™ 19″ Data-Server. Almost all sensors and analyzers can be operated.

All data logger use our standard ASCII NMEA-0183 data protocol for data storage, real-time data transmission or configuration and control commands. All data loggers consist of industrial grade components for harsh environmental conditions or extended operating life.

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Condition monitoring – subsea

A system with data loggers and sensors for connection to ROV or AUV was developed for the oil and gas offshore industry and for scientific projects. The logger collect and allocate the data of the sensors in real-time. Algorithm for identification of substances are implemented.

The data is transferred to the ROV controlling center respectively ROV pilot in real-time via the ROV tether. The optional OceanView™ DataServer arranges the data clearly and delivers alarm indication.

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Environmental monitoring – on board


New Research Icebraker Australia and China. New Partol Vessel Kuwait.


Volvo Ocean Race – Leg 4 from Melbourne to Hong Kong. Start day. 02 January, 2018. Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race.


The ship data server is used to visualize and store online data. In addition, it provides diagnostic functions for SubCtech’s OceanPack™ water quality measuring systems or any other NMEA data transmitter. As a black box it can be configured as a simple passenger display.

The Top-Box™ is used e.g. in combination with the OceanPack™ Underway System to measure e.g. Air-CO2. The connection is carried out with a data line via the ship-LAN or radio. External probes such as meteorology or a GPS autonomous from the ship, can be installed additionally.

The OceanPack™ pCO2 mobile Analyzer was developed for precise measurements under difficult conditions. It is a small and handy measurement system with its inbuilt touchscreen for easy data presentation and the data logger. The Analyzer can be extended – similar to all our products – with further components like seawater pumps, plug valves, debubblers, sensors or a Top-Box™ to a be a complete measurement system. All our equipment such as the Top-Box™ is rugged and easy to maintain. It has been used successfully in extremely rough seas and in Arctic temperatures of up to -40°C.

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SubCtech offers complete solutions. The user has the opportunity to purchase whole packages including accessories. We will be happy to consult you in what extras you require and how to convert the accessories.

• One-shop solution
• All components fit and were tested before shipping
• Easy and cost efficient ordering and service process
• Less vendor partners leave more room for important tasks

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