Research & Development Projects

We cooperate with universities and institutes to keep up with the current state of scientific knowledge and research. We do also have an internal development department to be able to offer state-of-the-art to our clients.


Providing new technology for Arctic and Antarctic ocean monitoring. The „Dagmar Aaen“ being a small ship makes it perfectly suitable for collecting data directly in areas where it has been necessary to extrapolate missing scientific data until now.

2014 – 2015


 Development of an AUV underwater docking station with inductive power charging of e.g. Li-Ion batteries. Additional wireless high-speed data connection min. 1MBit with magnetic coupling. In cooperation between Kiel University of Applied Sciences (FH-Kiel), Kiel University – Faculty of Engineering (CAU Technische Fakultät) and SubCtech. SubCtech is the co-investor of this challenging and innovative project to bring this technology „Made in Germany“ to the market.

Phase 1: 2015 – 2017

Leader of Work-packages in the EU FP7 project COMMON SENSE (Cost-effective sensors, interoperable with international existing ocean observing systems, to meet EU policies requirements.)

2013 – 2017

Exhibition fostering

Exhibitions: Ocean Business 2019 (09-11.April.2019, Southampton, UK) and Oceanology International (17-19.03.2020, London, UK). The aim of participation in the fair is the announcement of new and further developments, development of markets in other countries, as well as the active customer care of existing customers.
Fostering and support by WTSH.
2019 and 2020

Industrial R&D Offshore Oil+Gas project founded by BMWi in cooperation with WITTENSTEIN motion control, Hochschule Aalen and OneSubsea GmbH.

ISSA: Intelligent Safe Subsea Battery.

2016 – 2019

MARTEC – OSC  ERA NET MARTEC – OSC – Entwicklung einer Geräteplattform für Segelschiffe, with SailingOne AS, France.
Founded by ERA NET MARTEC, BMWI Germany – Förderkennzeichen 03SX371A2014 – 2015

MAUS – Devlopment of a Mobile Autonomous Underwater System

R&D project founded by Schleswig-Holstein (EU.SH, WTSH), in cooperation with University of Applied Science Kiel, CAU University Kiel, University Lübeck, EMMA Tech.

2019 – 2022


We have pooled our multiple expertise in a network in order to facilitate an effective and economical work routine, thus operating as a strong partner in underwater technology.


since 2016


Industrial R&D project founded by BMBF Germany, KMU-NetC. Project management by Fraunhofer IGD, Rostock.

Development of an innovative scalable Li-Ion battery system for eROV and hybrid vehicles, with flexible configuration of power and voltage.



Industrial R&D project founded by BMWi/ZIM Germany  out of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The project „NikoDe“ is the development of an innovative measurement and control module for fully automatic control of denitrification in aquaculture recirculating systems.

More infos:

2015 – 2017


Industrial R&D project founded by BMWi Germany, ZIM. Project management by Fraunhofer IGD, Rostock.

SAMBA: Smart Available Maritime Battery. Development of an innovative subsea Li-Ion battery system for high-power, high-energy applications with lifetime up to 25 years.



 Project leader of the EU FP7 project TRACT (In-pipe flexible robot for water pipes inspection)

2013 – 2015


 Industrial R&D project founded by WTSH Germany out of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Water Quality Monitor)

2012 – 2014

 The Programme for the Future–Economy finances the development of the new water quality monitoring system. For the period 2007 – 2013, the Programme for the Future – Economy – comprises roughly EURO 704 m. for economic and regional promotion in Schleswig-Holstein, thereof ca. EURO 374 m. out of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), ca. EURO 208 m. out of the Federal/State Joint Agreement “Improvement of Regional Economic Structures” (GRW) and complementary State Funds of ca. EURO 122 m.
Zuschüsse gemäß der „Richtlinie für die Gewährung von Zuwendungen zur Förderung der Internationalisierung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen (KMU) und Markterschließung im Ausland (Internationalisierungsrichtlinie – INT)“ aus dem Landesprogramm Wirtschaft.
 The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA – Research Executive Agency, FP7/2007 – 2013 under Grant Agreement no. 606199 and grant agreement no 614155